Company culture and benefits

Red Airship started as a humble Mobile and Drupal specialist in 2013 to help our clients build great products. We have since expanded our user research capabilities, design thinking, Agile, and diversified into various technologies to become more technology agnostic. We consult startups, SMEs and enterprises to identify strategic opportunities, and provide design and development services to improve user experiences, scale their systems and develop innovative products.

Today, we are a growing team of developers and designers who work together with a mission to improve people’s lives through high-quality design and technology. We collaborate closely with our clients to make an impact on populations across the region.

We are a proud adopter of the Tripartite Standards – an initiative that distinguishes Singapore’s progressive employers.

In 2020, we went fully flexible. Work-from-home is now standard across the company. Other ad-hoc working arrangements are available as options too.


Culture is a big part of Red Airship, and our people are our most valuable asset. We are committed to continuously improving a culture that has contributed to a high retention rate of 93% since the company started in 2013.

We are searching for the best people who excel in their role and contribute to the company’s health, happiness, and growth. Inclusivity and openness are essential traits, with regular company-wide and team events.

We are also committed to providing a safe and optimal environment for our people, subscribing to the idea of learning through fun-to-fail experimentation.

Here are some personal qualities we’re looking for:

  • Humble and empathetic
  • Getting things done
  • Hungry to learn in an ever-evolving field
  • Inquisitive and not afraid to ask all the questions, no matter how basic
  • Desire to learn new skills and new technologies
  • Adaptable to the myriad of challenges each day can present
  • Receive and provide feedback with tact and care
  • Ready to roll up your sleeves and help others, getting involved in projects where you feel you can add value
  • Ready to challenge the status quo
  • Strive for excellence in your work, your team and the company
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of personal accountability
  • Passionate to build products that will improve everyday life and bring joy to its users


At Red Airship, we believe that growing our people is the key to success for the company. We hope to support you as much as possible by providing:

  • An unlimited paid leave policy so you never have to worry about not having enough time to tend to personal and family matters.
  • Flexible working hours so you can work when you are most productive and effective.
  • Learning credits to support courses or further studies.
  • A week every year dedicated for you to have the time and space to grow and pursue learning programmes.
  • A one-time grant for improving your work environment at home to facilitate our Work-from-home experiment.
  • Dedicated mentor and coach to tailor-make a career growth plan.
  • Annual company trips (something we would like to get back to!)