A cloud-native company that has been active in cloud technology since inception

Red Airship has helped companies ranging from startups to MNC’s to leverage the power and scalability of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for different types of initiatives across various verticals.

How we can help you

Large Corporations

We support your digital transformation journeys with practical and effective recommendations and fast turn around for exploratory projects.

We work closely with your innovation team to quickly establish what can or can not be done and the right mix of technologies before more resources are dedicated – reducing overhead and increasing efficiency.


We provide custom in-house and off-the-shelf solutions right-sized for Small and medium-sized enterprises that enable you to reap benefits on the cloud from day 1, while not sacrificing long-term flexibility and vendor-lock in.


We help you understand the risks and benefits of being on the cloud from day 1 so you can focus on finding product-market fit instead of maintaining infrastructure and uptime.

Recommendations from our consultants save you time and reduce uncertainty when choosing the right technology stack that is scalable and yet malleable to fast-changing market/product conditions.

Types of initiatives

Web applications and API’s

Host your web applications on S3 + CDN with lambdas for dynamic access and headers. Connect to your API managed by API Gateway for free monitoring, security & access control, throttling, and common concerns in providing API’s. Host your services on ECS or EKS to open up usage of the right languages and technologies for the right task at hand.

Machine learning

Train, optimize, and run your models on Amazon SageMaker. Deploy your graph-based data into Neo4J on EC2 or EKS, or Amazon Neptune. Leverage on Amazon Rekognition for image and video analysis.


Break up your monolithic applications into microservices using Amazon ECS or EKS, with compute resources from either EC2 or Amazon Fargate. Manage discoverability with native Kubernetes or Amazon Cloud Map and inter-service communications with SQS and Lambdas.