The Drupal site-building course is designed as a well-rounded introduction to Drupal as a CMS, to provide students the foundation and tools to continue exploring Drupal after the course. Topics are designed to be relevant to practical real-world usage so that all students can start leveraging their new skills immediately. Topics peripheral to site-building, such as SEO, hosting, and online security will also be touched on.

The lesson plan balances content delivery and hands-on exercises so that students experiment with new knowledge in a timely manner to aid internalization of concepts. To induce self-motivation, students are exposed gradually to exciting features and functionalities that lead on to the concepts and topics covered in the next lesson. The pacing of the syllabus is also suitable for students with zero or little development background, as much of the necessary concepts are covered during the course and no coding is required.

Lessons are 4hours long and starts with a lecture with demonstrations, followed by individual or group exercises.

Course overview

Basic Site-building (20hrs)

Lesson 1: Web fundamentals (4hrs)
Lesson 2: Drupal as a CMS (4hrs)
Lesson 3: Components of a Drupal website (4hrs)
Lesson 4: Contrib modules Part 1 (4hrs)
Lesson 5: Contrib modules Part 2 (4hrs)

Intermediate Site-building (20hrs)

Lesson 6: Views and features
Lesson 7: Migrations, operations, and installation profiles
Lesson 8: Advanced contrib modules Part 1
Lesson 9: Advanced contrib modules Part 2
Lesson 10: Installation profiles, ecommerce and communities

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