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Blue Ocean Consultancy

Create innovations that capture uncontested market space.

The Blue Ocean Strategy consultancy aims to help companies analyse, clarify and identify innovation paths that make their competition irrelevant—The Blue Ocean Strategy was created by Professors Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne from INSEAD.

Why Blue Ocean?
Beyond traditional competitive and disruption-focused strategies, research now clarifies alternative approaches to innovation. Blue Ocean strategy presents an opportunity to identify innovative opportunities through a different lens - one that looks away from the competition.

Organisations can tap into this to increase the diversity of their innovative projects beyond traditional approaches.

On the ground, global data shows value innovations yielding higher profits than typical innovation projects.

Who is it for?
It is ideal for innovation leaders and teams who want a supportive partner to innovate through a less common lens to create and capture their Blue Ocean.

Strategy + Execution
We will guide you through creating your Blue Ocean strategy and define potential solutions aligned with the strategy. For digital solutions - we can also follow through and execute them.

Who are your consultants?
Our certified Blue Ocean consultants, one of the few in Asia and Singapore, will guide you through creating your Blue Ocean strategy. Alvin Zhang and Alvin Peh are two consultants trained by Dr Robert Bong, CEO of the official Global Blue Ocean Institute.

Are there grants for Singapore companies?
Eligible companies may be able to leverage government grants (ESG).

Do you provide this service outside of Singapore
Yes, we can provide consultation outside of Singapore.

How do I find out more?
Contact us through this webpage or email us at

Learn more about the Blue Ocean:
An introduction by Harvard Business Review:

Create your Blue Ocean

Programme summary

  • Suitable for innovation leaders and teams that want to explore and define their blue oceans

  • C-suite leaders, Innovation teams, Enterprise business units, Product or Service teams

  • A dedicated consultant will be attached to your team to guide your team through the process

  • 6 - 11 weeks sprints (excluding implementation)

  • At the end of the period, you will have identified a few Blue Ocean options you can pursue

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