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Chief Technology Officer as a Service provides provide strategic and operational technology leadership.

Red Airship's CTO-as-a-service consultancy can jumpstart or accelerate the technology requirements for your business or innovation project. You get immediate access to a technical leader who offers solutions combining business and technical perspectives. 

Solutioning: Business Value first, then technology

We believe a technology solution provides limited value unless it is strongly intertwined with a value-focused business strategy and outcome. Our consultants will guide and work with you in these areas:

  • Map out your innovation or business outcomes and goals

  • Identify your innovation or business stage and your needs

  • Offer suitable technical solutions that drive growth and differentiation 

  • Get clear ROI on technology investments that you will be making

Building your Tech Team 

The CTO-as-a-service also covers supporting the hiring and building of your tech team. Building a successful tech team is more complex because it depends on these critical factors:

  • Alignment with your business strategy

  • Understand your current business needs.

  • Work within your budgets and the competencies and experience of your technical leader.

  • The level of readiness of your organisation to host and support an in-house tech team

Our consultants can support you in the following:

  • Identify the roles you need and work with you on the interview process

  • Conduct interviews and evaluate potential candidates

  • Plan learning and development programmes to upskill or reskill your current tech team

  • Structure your teams for maximum efficiency

  • Scale your tech team

Managing Risk and Cost

Mistakes in technology can be very costly in terms of finances, time, reputation and lost opportunities. Through the experiences and work that we have done with our range of clients, we have amassed knowledge to help manage your risk and cost more carefully:

  • Ensure that the technology you are investing in is future-proof

  • Ensure that you meet regulatory standards

  • Sidestep potential pitfalls and challenges

  • Get an unbiased and fresh view of your technology landscape and challenges as we offer it from an external perspective.

  • Pay-as-you-use cost model to optimise your budget and tap into our expertise as you need it

Technology can enable strategic differentiators. For businesses striving to remain agile and competitive, CTO-as-a-Service is an option to complement your growth at your pace. It combines the best of both worlds: the expertise and vision of a seasoned technology leader without the enduring costs and commitments of a full-time executive position. 

Key Benefits

  • Immediate Access to Technical Leadership: Quickly tap into a technical leader who seamlessly merges business and technical viewpoints.

  • Strategic Solutioning: Ensure technology solutions are deeply aligned with business strategies and outcomes, maximizing value.

  • Tailored Tech Team Building: Receive expert guidance in hiring, structuring, and upskilling your tech team based on your unique needs.

  • Risk Management: Safeguard your investments by ensuring technology choices are future-proof, compliant and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Cost-Effective Leadership: Harness the expertise of a seasoned technology leader without the enduring costs of a full-time executive.

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