Red Airship is occasionally called on by clients who do not have in-house subject matter experts to review deliverables from external vendors. This may range from code bases for web and mobile applications, custom Drupal modules and themes, AWS configurations, to custom google tag manager scripts and EDMs.

Why do I need code review?

Having a neutral party to be involved in the development and delivery phase improves the success of your project and increases the chance of identifying critical issues earlier in the pipeline, where they require fewer resources to rectify.

At Red Airship, our code review focuses on a few areas: performance, maintainability, reusability, and security. It will not make the code perfect, but allow you to surface critical issues and prioritize actions accordingly.

For Clients

  • Higher confidence
  • Better clarity
  • Reduce issues arising from miscommunication between teams on different languages.
  • Support existing due-diligence processes
  • Reduce security risks

For vendors

  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Level-up in-house development team
  • Complement and enhance automated code reviews

What is included?

While the report gives a clear summary of the issues found and may offer specific recommendations where appropriate, it certainly will not fix all issues and bugs. The responsibility of troubleshooting and resolution still lies in the hands of the original vendor, with the help of our report.

Contact us now at or through our contact form.

Need additional help?

In the event that the original vendor are not able to address all the issues highlighted within your timeline, we can help. Contact us for rescue or recovery projects at

What our team can help you review:

  • Php web applications
  • Drupal modules, themes and installation profiles
  • Native iOS mobile applications (Objective-c)
  • Native Android mobile applications
  • Single page applications (Javascript)
  • Frontend Javascript, CSS & HTML
  • System architecture and database design
  • AWS infrastructure configuration (EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, SQS, SES, Cloudfront, Route53)
  • Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce integration
  • Google Tag Manager triggers, variables, and tags