How can a small team of React experts help your organisation? In more ways than you think

React has become the go-to frontend framework for many and Red Airship has been tracking and betting on its development since launch.

Chat with us to find out how we can put your vision together with our years of experience on the React ecosystem to deliver valuable customer experiences.

How we help your business

Trustworthy solutions

Our clients can attest to the quality of the work we’ve done in React and other frontend frameworks. Not only that, but they’ll also let you in on what a joy it is to work with us!

Skilled craftspeople

From beautiful landing pages to engaging, full-fledged web applications, our team is fully equipped with the finesse and attention to detail that will bring your projects to life.

A collaborative process

Working with us is not a one-way street. Our UX and product managers will dispense invaluable insights and ask essential questions in our mission to deliver great products together.

No problem too old

Can’t decide when and if you should migrate your legacy systems to modern frameworks? We’ll perform feasibility studies to help you make decisions that make sense.


With security threats lurking around every corner, the online landscape is a turbulent one. That’s why we provide the post-project support you need to navigate to safety.

Knowledgeable troubleshooters

Our dedication to best practices has seen clients approaching us anywhere from solving challenging issues around agile to fixing problems introduced by other vendors. We’ll be happy to do the same for you!

End to end

React is just one part of a grander equation. We have a wealth of experience in architecture design, native mobile apps, backend implementation, CMS, integration with existing systems and more.

How we help your tech department

Up to date

We make full use of Typescript, Hooks, Redux, Sagas, React Hook Form, Mirage, Cypress and other modern libraries to deliver features in a structured and efficient manner. We don’t jump on bandwagons blindly either; our toolbox is curated with battle-tested and critically evaluated solutions that improve efficiency and maintainability.

Well tested software

Unit testing and end to end testing are baked into our development process to reduce regressions and improve deployment confidence. This means sustained momentum that doesn’t crumble with increased complexity.

Quality you deserve

We run a tight (but friendly!) airship when it comes to code quality. With the latest tools at our disposal and regular code reviews, we’ll ensure that the code you receive is highly maintainable and a pleasure to work with. This means lower technical debt and quick pivots to adapt to changing business conditions.

Thinking within the box

Your IT infrastructure comes with a set of constraints relevant to the industry, and we’re no strangers to that. We work with clients to create solutions that thrive in any conditions.

Want to join our team?

Learn fast, grow fast

Supercharge your growth in our fast-paced learning environment that comes with training and mentorship. Interns and fresh graduates do 3-6 months of pair programming with seniors to get in at the deep end with essential and pivotal support.

Expansive experience

eCommerce sites, transport applications, social networking platforms, banking and finance solutions, recommendation engines, IoT, airline ticketing. Broaden your horizons as you work with a variety of industries, solutions, and diverse team members.

Tech agnostic

We are a product and solution-driven company which means we deal with the right technology for each use case instead of sticking with any single piece of technology. This also translates into copious R&D opportunities and chance to build POC’s with the latest technology.

We help clients reach their business goals by carefully crafting customised solutions

Red Airship is a leading design and development company in Singapore established in 2013. Our dedicated team has delivered a multitude of apps and portals, each crafted to our client’s specific needs. Regardless of business size and domain, our team will work closely with our clients to truly understand their needs and be able to offer flexible and resilient business specific solutions. From the customisation of the existing apps to the development of new ones, our crew is at the ready.

Why you should be working with our Tech Crew

Besides what you can expect from any flight-safe crew, these are some of the additional benefits we offer:

We get to know you really well

Before starting your journey with us, our UX and product managers will really get to know you and your processes. They will provide insights and suggestions without shying to ask the essential questions. This in turn will make sure we can improve the concept and product.

If needed, we perform feasibility studies to help you decide which technology is best suited to your specific needs. We can also do a pre-flight check for migrating your legacy code to something more modern like react or other JavaScript frameworks.

We improve lives around us

We can help you build full CI/CD pipelines, to remove manual errors, provide standardised development feedback loops and enable fast product iterations.

During your journey with us, we can coach your internal teams to work better with agile principles.

We play well with others

When working with your other vendors, our team will ensure that the aircraft is cruising at the right altitude and will fix issues mid-flight.

Whenever you are in trouble, you can rely on our airsupport to provide specialised and professional assistance wherever needed.